Anthony Earnshaw



There was little excuses for the invention of the name MURUM. It was already known in sixteen principalities and native states.
There were, however, several religious reasons, but these are unlikely to become evident in what follows.
Musrum is terribly afraid of sponge cats.
Keep your sponge cat under control..
The Kingdom of Intersol slopes down for a hundred miles through blue flax plantations to the sea and oblivion.
The truth of this tale is painful, but nothing of that truth is left unsaid; though we must unsay much that hagiography and squalid commerce declare in regard to our protagonist.
The Trans Siberian Railway was established to facilitate the construction of the Far East.
Every hour, on the precise stroke, trains leave Moscow bearing Musrum and his relations in tears.
Gilvis wrote a book on life for the dead.
He is probably writing your biography at this moment.
A sponge cat weeps after the Muscovite trains. Musrum also weeps, but in another room.
Sudden prayers make God jump.
The forehead of the Arch Seraph slopes down for a hundred miles to the sea and oblivion.

Anthony Earnshaw - The Imp of Surrealism